Volunteers Needed

We all have a desire to see our club thrive. We know that our membership numbers, as well as our offerings, have grown dramatically over the past few years. We also know that we are dependent on volunteers for everything that takes place throughout the year, particularly during the busy bowling season.

This preamble leads me to call for more of us - both bowling and social members - to step up and pitch in. The Managers and Team Leaders are already stretched. Our vibrant activities need your help if they are to continue. 

Indoors, we need more hands to keep our kitchen cleaned on a weekly basis. We need more convenors and teams to provide hospitality during tournaments. I know the BBQ teams need more members.

Outdoors, we could use more volunteers to help with the corporate events. 

Sign-up sheets for bowling and social activities are on the Bulletin Boards and this link will give you more information. 

Eva Murray