SPLBC "Back to Play" needs your help.

A large volunteer monitor force will be one of the key elements of the reopening of SPLBC. Without a sufficient number of trained monitors, the number of hours the club will be open may be severely limited.

Many of you had a volunteer position that has been put on hold this season ... it is time for you to pivot. Each volunteer shift will be approximately 3 hours long and will be available in the morning, afternoon or evening. If we have a  sufficiently large volunteer monitor force each monitor would work one to two shifts per week

The monitor's duties will involve:

  • Check-in bowlers at the gate who have a rink booked for that time slot.
  • Basic tasks such as setting up equipment and sterilizing it between games.
  • Direct members at the clubhouse to ensure there are not too many members in any area at any one time.

Monitor training will commence in the next few days. If you would like to be a monitor please drop us a line at communications@splbc.com  . We will get back to you with the times and days  that training will be taking place


SPLBC Back to Play Committee