SPLBC Ladies Champs

Geordie Stowell and Vanessa Siu won the Women's Classic Pairs League championship.

This is a league that has run for many years, recently out of the Granville Park Lawn Bowling Club, pitting some of the best women's pairs team  in Vancouver and District against each other over 8 weeks of play. The top 8 teams then play in the quarterfinals, winners advancing to the semifinals.
The semifinals were played Tuesday evening August 6th with the championship being contested Wednesday evening August 7th. After winning on Tuesday, in an extra end, Geordie and Vanessa were back at it the next evening. The championship battle was a tight back and forth 18 end match. The score was tied 13 - 13 after 15 ends. Going into the 18th end Geordie and Vanessa held a one-shot lead. Dramatically, Vanessa rolled the last bowl of the end facing 4 opposition bowls in scoring position and promoted her own bowl, rolling and landing it closest to the jack to score one more point and clinching the championship with a  final score of 16 - 14.  

Congrats to Geordie and Vanessa for a fine season capped by a memorable championship game!