Qi Gong Movement Classes Return this Fall!

Qi Gong movement classes are coming back to the Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club for a second season! Jacob Larmour returns to lead us all in this wonderful practice.


Keep yourself in great condition during the off season with Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese form of exercise that fosters physical, emotional and spiritual health. It is part of the same health care paradigm as acupuncture and Chinese Herbology, with an emphasis on prevention of dis-ease. Benefits for the Lawn Bowler include strengthening the joints, improving balance and flexibility, working with visualization to achieve results, gaining inner balance and clarity and reliably entering into the “zone”; that magical place within, where everything is working for you.

Classes will be held Sundays from 2:30-3:45.

Cost: $10 per class to be paid to our instructor Jacob Larmour and $0.50 to the club - both fees will be collected at the class.

First Class is on October 15 and is FREE to all members!!

For more information about Qi Gong and Jacob, go to: https://daoessence.com/

Your club contact for this activity is Mary Ann Gillies: magillies@telus.net