President's Message.

When can we bowl?, news on donations and club house use.

When can we bowl????

I know, I know, you want to get back to bowling!!!

Thanks for all who answered the survey a few days ago.  We have a committee working on Re-opening process.  As you know, this will be a “ small steps at a time” change.  The committee, consisting of  Graham Mason, Gavin Clifford, Neil Wilson, Chris Chapman and Albert Nieuwold, is designing the plan to start a safe, approved process for members only.  If things go well, we could be on the greens in the next one to two weeks. More information coming soon.

Great news about donations:

Thank you very much for the great response to our donation ask.  We have a new cash forecast showing we should make it through to next year.  (forecast linked here).  With the donations and some other corners cut in greens cost and overheads, things are looking better.  It will, however, use up most of our prized surplus from prior years.  If you still wish to donate the link is still available here and on our website  . George has updated our latest cash flow projection to see them click here .

Hands down we have the best fridge in the entire V and D. I know I just said that we are barely squeaking by in the money department, but please remember that the new kitchen appliances are funded by a grant we applied for last year (long before anyone heard of the coronavirus pandemic). And the grant money must be spent on the projects requested.  So, here are our stunning new fridge and freezer.  Just installed but not yet functioning.  There are some cabinetry changes yet required and a structured start-up, but they look lovely and will be much safer for our use. Thanks to the committee of Dianne Farlinger, Susan Guthrie, Wayne Hawrysh and Peter Spencer.

Clubhouse use:

Please keep in mind that the phase 1 re-opening relates strictly to bowling and not to socialising and clubhouse use.  There will still be no kitchen use, absolutely no bar and no extended indoor visiting.  There is now a temporary Jigsaw trading table and people are free to add books to that, if they wish.  Please, please, please remember to lock up as the clubhouse and shed have been left open and alone several times in the last weeks.  If in doubt whether you are the last out, then lock up.  

Stay safe, we are in this together.  Looking forward to seeing you on the green,