Pre-Season Update from the Board

Spring is in the air and everyone’s spirits are lifted with visions of lawn bowling soon.  As we look forward to those days, I have a few items to report.

Faced with increasing vandalism, we have recently contracted for random security patrols from Securiguard.  Discussions are ongoing with the Parks department about the cost of this, but currently, we are paying. The patrols seem to be effective and we have not seen evidence of our midnight visitors.  We will continue to monitor the situation. 

You may have noticed that the plinths replacement on the west green has commenced.  At the same time, the green is being shaved back a few inches to return the ditches to a legal width.  The backboards were refurbished a few years ago and the plinths on the east green were found to be fine.  There may be a need for a small work crew to help shortly. Please see John Gerhard or Albert Nieuwold to volunteer or with any questions. 

Spring is also government grant time and this is something the board got involved in last year.  We are still awaiting word on last year’s application but beginning the process to apply again. We received some great suggestions on possible expenditures and I thank all for the feedback. The eligibility rules of grants constrain us quite a bit on what funds and projects can be applied for but we are moving forward on a couple of ideas.  Hopefully, we will hear shortly on last years application.   

Also thanks for the diverse and interesting suggestions on combatting our geese visitors.  The greens team is considering them. However, does it not look like they heard we didn’t like them and they left??? 

Speaking of greens, there is a new Greens Advisory Committee being formed to develop a short term and long term plan for our greens.  More details to follow on that. 

And in the area of long term planning, our Joint Operating Agreement with the Parks Board expires this year and the six lawn bowling clubs in Vancouver met and agreed to approach the city as a group to negotiate the new agreement.  Hopefully, this may release some new funding for clubs. 

To finish off, I have some “Save the Dates” for you.  Preliminary planning indicates the below:

Spring General Meeting Sunday, April 5

Club Clean up Saturday, April 18

Golden Bowl Sunday, April 26

Public Open House Sunday, May 2


See you on the greens.
Lois Goodeve, President