Notes From the Board

The board met again on Monday, March 2 and I have a few pieces of news to pass on.

My first news is sad:  We were informed that Ernest Mills-Hodgins passed away peacefully on Monday, March 2 at VGH after a battle with cancer.  Ernie and Grace have been club members for over 5 years and Ernie was a bowler, bridge player and energetic volunteer and will be very much missed.  Condolences have been sent from the club.

For news, first, there are some minor plumbing updates happening in all three washrooms so you may notice Lambert Plumbing around the clubhouse.  The plinth replacement is progressing well in spite of the rain and the geese have not returned in hordes (cross our fingers). Security patrols are ongoing with good results.

The good news is we have FINALLY received official notice that our federal grant application has been successful….no monies received yet, of course.  But we have begun the preliminary work on the three projects that made up that application…the upgrade of the overhead lighting in the clubhouse, the upgrade of the fridge and freezer in the kitchen, and 20 sets of new club bowls (smaller sizes). Grants have very stringent and complicated rules for what kind of projects can qualify.  We anticipate the lighting work to start soon but the kitchen upgrade will likely be scheduled for after the season and the bowls have a long delivery time.

The board is getting very busy with the preliminary planning of the new season (thank you, Mike Smolnicki for updating the calendar on the website as we go along),  and you will see a number of notices and/or posters looking for particular teams of volunteers in the coming weeks. It really helps the organizers plan if you sign up quickly and for multiple tasks.  Remember this is a totally volunteer-run club and we only have such great socials because of your work. Without sufficient volunteers, some regular events won’t happen.

Other boards news:  There was a new policy passed on awarding Lifetime Membership that will be posted shortly on the website, select Member Info then Club Policies or click here.  Also, we are catching up the publishing of the board minutes on the website and in the binder at the club.

I need to correct a day from the last newsletter.  The Open House is SATURDAY, May 2, not Sunday, May 2. 


See you on the greens,