Nominations - Board of Directors

As we approach the AGM on November 15th, the Nominating Committee (Katherine Hume, Robert Prud'homme, and Eva Murray - Chair) will start the process of preparing the list of candidates for the Board of Director positions. Part 4 of our Bylaws deals with Board nominations. 

On September 14th, the Board unanimously agreed to the current composition for 2021: 
President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past-President, and two Directors-at-Large. 
Because we have no staff, ours is a working Board, dealing with both governance and liaison with the volunteer Team Leaders.

All Board positions are open to any Bowling Member in good standing. Positions are held for one year, from one AGM to the next. A person can be elected to a position for up to four consecutive years.

This is the first call for nominations for any of the positions (except Past-President). Members nominated must indicate to the Nominating Committee their willingness to serve. Nominations should come directly to the Chair ( Let’s aim to have nominations submitted by October 19th.

For detail information on the duties of various board positions click on Our Organization .