More about volunteers from the President

More about volunteering

Whew! We recently completed a busy and active lawn bowling season. It’s now time to look back and to look forward, to reflect and to start planning for next year.

I would like to thank all the Team Leaders who worked tirelessly with their groups to make things happen. I must also thank the many dozens of volunteers who pitched in for both bowling and social events. We need to remind ourselves that we are a volunteer-run organization. The number of things that we do each year astounds us. 

Sometimes there’s a bit of confusion about who does what. I have attached a table that gives a bird’s eye view of the kinds of tasks that need volunteers, some throughout the year but mostly during the bowling season. This is what 2019 looked like. There will, no doubt, be some tweaking of roles and responsibilities for 2020. 

We have some Team Leaders who will be staying on and some who will be leaving. You will hear more about this in future messages. I will close by once again thanking everyone for a job well done.

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