Mixed Triples Twist

Saturday, September 14th, 2024

Sign-up sheet will be posted in the clubhouse three weeks before the event.


Past Winners:

2023 Rob Berridge/Christine Skelton/Steffen Postma

2022 Gavin Clifford/Janis Ballantyne/Stanley Chao

2021 Gilbert Chinn/Margaret Chinn/Mike Smolnicki



Tournament format – Each team will have one novice bowler (or second year bowler if needed) who will be added to a non-novice pair via a pre-tournament draw. The draw will be done in a way so that every team becomes a mixed triples team. Novices are not restricted to playing in the lead position.  

Two-Bowl Triples – Each team will play multiples games of 2 bowl triples. In the morning session, teams will play two 10-end games, 60 minutes time limit.  

After lunch teams will be divided into groups of no less than four teams based on computer rankings after those first two games.  

The groups of four teams will play a round robin with the other teams in their group (three 8-end games, 45 minutes time limit). The final group of six will play their three 8-end games based on a draw.  

All groups will be playing for prize money within their new grouping.   

Trial Ends: For the first game only - two practice bowls up and down.

Bells: Each round of games will start when the bell sounds. When the bell rings to finish the game no more jacks can be delivered but you can must finish the end you are on.   

Game Starting Time: Teams that are more than 10 minutes late will forfeit the game, and the opposition gets a BYE win.  

Byes: Teams who have a BYE will get 3 points for the win and differential that is the average of the other games in the group.  

Head Visits: Skips may visit the head just once every end. Leads and 3rds are not permitted to visit the head.  

Jacks:  Jacks knocked out of bounds are respotted on the 2m tee.  

Substitutes:  Substitutes are allowed at the discretion of the convenor, but both the ‘mixed’ and ‘novice’ requirements must be maintained.  

Scoring: Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. Shot differentials are limited to plus or minus 10 per game.  

Score Cards: At the completion of each game, opposing skips must agree on the score and sign both cards. The WINNING SKIP will take the cards to the scorekeeper.  

Final Rankings:  When teams are tied on points and differential for ranking after the first two games, Strength of Opposition will break the tie. For the group stage, the following criteria will be used to break the tie: a) superior differential; b) Head to head result(s); c) total net score. If still tied, prize monies will be shared.  

Prize Money: Prize money will be presented at end of the tournament.  

Inclement Weather: If persistent rain is in the forecast the event may be cancelled in advance. If there are rain delays when the tournament is underway, the convenor has sole discretion over the schedule and may shorten the number of games.