Mid Summer President's Message

Bowling, financial update and more . . .


Wow, how nice is it to see all the bowlers out there on the greens!   The grass and gardens are just spectacular.  Here we are in the “dog days” of August, enjoying some genuinely nice summer weather.  However, fall is around the corner and so is the end of our extremely unusual bowling season.  We were late starting and look to be early closing.  The decision has been made to try an earlier coring, sanding, and deep seeding to achieve a superior benefit to the greens.  There is a slight chance of bowling after these events, but October bowling is usually just a fantasy.

So, get out there and roll those bowls while we can!  Please let us know if you are having difficulty with the process (reservations, paperwork, etc.) as we have some volunteers standing by to help.  We have received many feedback messages and appreciate them all.

By the way, we cannot say thanks enough to the Back to Bowling Committee, the monitors and the greens team for giving us this wonderful opportunity under these trying circumstances.

Financial Update:

Our financial picture is happening pretty much as we expected when we developed our pandemic budget.  We are of course losing money all year but with our healthy reserves and the wonderful response to the donations request, we are still looking to end this season with some carry-over funds.  However, budgeting and planning for next year is almost impossible. If anyone can tell us what next season will look like, we would love to hear it.  In the meantime, the board (principally George and the Greens Team) are preparing several possible scenarios with budgets.  Details will be available at our AGM in November …. likely a Zoom meeting.   


Our province’s fight to control and contain the Coronavirus is still a struggle and as a consequence, the clubhouse remains closed except for fetching bowls and washroom use. The recent survey by the Back to Socializing committee showed the membership’s support of this position.  It is sincerely hoped that one day we will return to BBQ’s, socials, card clubs and singing and dancing, but not yet…patience!


For the July Board Minutes click here.