February 02, 2019

Message from the President - January 2019 Update

Hi everyone. Your leadership team has been busy at work. We held our first Board-Management planning session where events and activities were discussed. Here are some early dates for your calendar:

  • Spring General Meeting - April 14th
  • Annual inside and outside clean-up - April 20th
  • Golden Bowl - April 28th
  • Open House - May 4th
  • BBQs - May 24, 31


Our clubhouse has seen quite a bit of activity lately. The new commercial dishwasher has forced us to deal with old and inadequate plumbing (improper configuration and insufficient size of pipes) and electricity (jumbled wiring into the breaker box). Shortcomings have been detected and are being remedied. Newer technology and improved equipment requires updating for both usage and safety.

Our Greens are undergoing vigorous rehabilitation and there is optimism for the upcoming season. One of the issues raised several months ago was the need to give the Greens periodic rest throughout the season. That could be lane rotations and closures, scheduling play, using long mats, etc. This will all need scheduling coordination among greens, games, coaching and corporate. The members of the Greens Rehabilitation Committee are Albert Nieuwold, Keith Warriner, and John Gerhard, with input from Dave Arnott, Glen Young and Scott Anderson.

The other committee that was struck also held its first meeting this week. The Capital Priorities Committee, chaired by George Guthrie includes Lois Goodeve, John Sinclair, Brad Marchant and Eva Murray. The committee agreed to several "formative" decisions - definition of Capital (greater than $5,000 and generating benefits that will last for 5 years or more); the process for soliciting capital projects from the membership; and the potential grant applications to be pursued. More detailed information will be issued to the club's managers with a request to assess what projects should be considered for their areas.

Our increased membership has highlighted the need to tweak and update policies and procedures, or even develop new ones. This will result in greater clarity and will provide guidelines to members both inside the clubhouse. New policies will always be posted on the bulletin boards. Two that have been dealt with recently are: Visitor Bowling and Member Rentals.

We have a Licence/Operating Agreement with the City of Vancouver that expires in 2020. The Board of Parks and Recreation has called a preliminary meeting with Vancouver lawn bowling clubs for the puspose of establishing a licence agreement working group. George Guthrie will attend the first meeting.

This is probably enough for today. We will keep you informed of other activities as they are fleshed out.