Greens Closed

The jobs of coring and sanding the greens were completed on Tuesday and the greens are now closed until next season.

We will continue spreading any remaining sand this week and will undertake a heavy overseeding of both greens next week, with a focus on the problem areas.  Over the winter monitoring and maintenance will continue.  Hopefully, the greens will wake up healthy and vigorous in the spring.

Great thanks to the volunteers who came out to assist in the recent coring and sanding.  This annual rite constitutes a pretty long and backbreaking day, but the number of volunteers contributed substantially to lightening the load.  These volunteers are all deserving of a recovery day at the spa!

Thanks as well to all bowling members for their efforts to maintain and protect the greens over the entire season.  There has been increased sensitivity of player responsibilities towards the greens this season which has made an important contribution to the improved bowling conditions.  Thanks to everyone for considering the greens!

Keith Warriner