Games Information (2019 Season)

The Calendar has the current schedule for draws, leagues, coaching and special event games. Here you can find additional details for upcoming games. As well a information from the Coaching Manager.


The Games Manager is Claus Braovav (

Read our - Special Provincials Summary

Canadian Indoor Singles

Representing BC and SPLBC at the Canadian Indoor Singles this week are Jim Aitken and  Mary Ann Gillies.

Both qualified for this event by getting medals earlier this year at the Provincials.

At this moment they are grinding out a grueling 11 game round-robin in the hopes of playing for a medal this weekend.

The winner of this event gets to represent Canada in Australia early next year. And a big honking trophy.

Go cheer them on and see some of the best bowlers in the country all day  Friday, Saturday morning and hopefully longer at PIBC. 

The most recent standings can be found here

IndoorBowler1.jpg IndoorBowler2.jpg

V & D Awards Day

SPLBC had its best results at the V & D level in more than a decade.

SPLBC was especially dominant at the Intermediate level which hopefully bodes well for our club moving forward,

SPLBC players being recognized last Saturday Included:

Rob Berridge        1st Intermediate Singles   2nd Intermediate Triples
Petra VanderLey   2nd Womens Singles
Sue Hall               1st Senior Mixed Pairs  2nd Mixed Pairs
Will Hall                2nd Mixed Pairs  Intermediate Pairs Singles and Triples
David Lewis          Ist B  Div. Mixed Pairs    2nd Intermediate Pairs
Vanessa Siu         Ist B  Div. Mixed Pairs 
Scott Powell         2nd Intremedaite Triples

In addition, Will Hall and David Lewis represented SPLBC in Oak Bay two Saturdays ago in the BC Champ of Champ. Where after losing a close game to the eventual winners on day one went on to run the table on day 2 to win the B side of the event.


Rob Berridge holding the V & D Intermediate Singles trophy that will grace his mantelpiece for the next 12 months. This is Rob last year as an Intermediate so he will not be able to defend,  so it will fall to another of SPLBC intermediates to keep the title with our club.




Final Results Wednesday Night Singles League


Tuesday Night Novice League

 I would like to acknowledge all those who participated in this years Tuesday Night Novice League.

Thank you to all the experienced players who came out week after week often playing out of their usual position and skipping so the novices could play in a position to maximize their development.

A very special thanks to Ray and Christine Beaulieu who were there every week setting up helping with the draw and coaching often when I was away bowling at an event.

And lastly, thanks to all the novices.  I hope you all learned a lot and most of all had fun in your first year playing the sport we all love so much.

If you have any comments or questions as to how to improve the league for the next year please drop me, Neil Wilson, a line at

John & Evelyn Bell Aussie Pairs Classic

It was a full complement of 28 teams with perfect weather conditions to bowl in the John & Evelyn Bell Aussie Pairs Classic on Saturday, Sept 7th. We were especially pleased that John and Evelyn were able to come to this memorable event. The kitchen provided home-baked treats that were enjoyed by all the bowlers.

SPLBC was well represented with 19 entries and we placed third + sixth.


Third place - Jim Aitken + David Lewis    


Sixth place  Monika Hilson + Brent Kushnir

Wednesday Competitive Pairs - Second Session Winners

We had a great second session of the Wednesday Competitive Pairs League.  The top four winners were:

First Place:  Albert Nieuwold and Lois Goodeve.   12 points
Second Place:  Graham Mason and Judy Lawson.   12 points
Third Place:  Garry Brazzill and John Kruzick.   10 points
Fourth Place:  Kelly Robertson and Paul Woodman 8 points

As you can see, the first and second place teams were tied in points.  Their position was based on a head-to-head game.  Similarly, for fourth place, there were four teams tied with 8 points.  The winner was again determined based on a head-to-head analysis

V and D Intermediate Singles

V and D Intermediate Singles were played over three evenings this week. The Women were playing in Kerrisdale where Kelly Robertson made the A-side and Linda Gorman made the B. Neither made the Final 4.

On the Men's Side, 4 SPLBC members competed. All 4 made the A division. Unfortunately, with so many SPLBC member on the A-side, they ended up competing with each other for spots in the final 4. David Lewis and Graham Mason did not get through to the Final 4.

Finally, a big congratulations to Rob Berridge who defeated Will Hall in the final of the Men's Singles to win the championship.


V and D  Mixed Pairs

SPLBC was well represented at last weeks V and D Mixed Pairs

2nd Place            Will Hall and Sue Hall  (no relation) 
3rd  Place             Neil Wilson and Cheryl Young
A Div. Qualifier     Lisa Blake and Chris Chapman

B Div Winner       David Lewis and Vanessa Siu

Thanks To David and Vanessa's and Will and Sue's high finishes SPLBC will be able to field a couple of teams at the V and D Award Day Invitational in September.

Annual Pairs Championship

It was a full house on Sunday, August 25th when SPLBC held their Annual Pairs Championship. Congratulations go out to the 22 teams that participated in a great bowling environment on Sunday.

To be inscribed on the SPLBC PLAQUE for 2019 are the First Place Winners of the event Judy Lawson and Graham Mason.

1ST Judy Lawson, Graham Mason



2ND Ray Beaulieu, Roger Tremblay



3RD  Mary Anne Gillies, Rob Berridge



Tied for 4th Brent Kushnir, Len Gallant; Christine Beaulieu/Kathy Broderick ,Wayne Hawrysh


V and D Singles

SPLBC was well represented at this year's tournament with five men and four women competing. For the second year in a row, Petra  Vanderley went all the way to the finals, coming up short against,  many time B.C. and National Champion, Gigi Chan.

Congratulations Petra.

DR. Murray Blair Triples

Four SPLBC teams participated in this year's event. Janise Ballinytne, Darrell Beker and Lisa Blake; Judy Lawson, Graham Mason and Tom Berridge; Brian Hutchinson, Chris Chapman and Kelly Robertson; Liam Stacey, Neil Wilson and Cheryl Young.

Liam, Neil and Cheryl won all four of their games but lost the tiebreaker and came in second.


An excellent display of bowling was on show and the four top bowlers were

Monika Hilson ( 1st)  Kris Wallace (2nd)



Janis Ballantyne (3rd) Linda Gorman (4th)


Mens V & D Intermediate Triples

Stanley Park was well represented at this years V&D Intermediate Men's Pairs tournament at Granville Park, Sunday, August 18th.
16 teams competed with Will Hall and David Lewis taking 2nd place with a 3-0 record (undefeated) 4 shots short of the winning team from North Vancouver.
Defending champs Rob and Tom Berridge took 6th place with a 2-1 record.
Graham Mason and Tom Gorman were 1-2.
Dirk Ricker and David Griffiths were also 1-2.


See Claus + BUY your Decals NOW    604-209-5603

SPLBC held a very successful Men’s Triples tournament on Saturday August 10 th.
We had most of the top players from the Lower Mainland competing and the Paul Choi Rink from Richmond won First Place.
Congratulations on coming First - Paul,  Stanley + Richard

Men's Intermediate Triples Tournament

It was a soggy affair at the Rose Garden in Coquitlam as they played host to 11 teams in the Men's Intermediate Triples Tournament Sunday, August 11th.
The Stanley Park team of Will Hall (skip), Rob Berridge (vice) and Scott Powell (lead) went undefeated but had to settle for second place on the differential.  This was Scott's first tournament road trip and was solid under difficult conditions.  

2nd year Stanley Park bowler Graham Mason teamed up with Kerrisdale's Tom Berridge and Steve Kariya.  Graham shared the skipping duties with Rob's brother Tom and came away with a gutsy win over a tough competitor, but finished with a 1-3 record.


It was a tremendous showing that our TOP TEN GREEN TEAM put on last Friday, August 2nd.

Kion Wong who has organized this event for many years said, and I quote "I really enjoyed watching the game last night. The performance of SP bowlers was so remarkable. Unfortunately, the team could not advance to the finals, but I look forward to seeing your teams again next year."

BC Day Tournament Winners and Results

BCDayTourneyWinners.jpg BCDayTourneyResults1.jpg

Women's Classic Pairs League champions.

Read the details

Competitive Singles League 

Final standings of the first half singles league. Prizes will be awarded on Awards Day. 


Congratulations to Cheryl Young and Neil Wilson who last Saturday won the Bronze Medallion Mixed Pairs in West Vancouver.  Against a sold-out field of 32 teams, some of the best in the V and D., Cheryl and Neil were the only teams to win all 4 games.

Congratulations to Wayne Hawrysh and Roger Tremblay for representing SPLBC in the  2019 Novice Tournament at Granville Park this week. While neither was able to qualify for the final four we hope it will be the first of many V and D tournaments they will play in for SPLBC.

We held our Men’s SINGLES championship on Saturday July 27th .  This year we simulated the PROVINCIAL SINGLES FORMAT with number of ends played . Our champs for 2019 are:



        Luc Millaire 2nd, Terry Severs 1st



      Brent Kushner 4th, Ray Beaulieu 3rd

George Guthrie was the convener for the GRANVILLE PARK Tony Boucher Aussie Pairs tournament held  on July 27th and he reports that  Liam Stacey and Cheryl Young came 1st in the B Division. (well done )  Ten other SPLBC bowlers competed at this inter-club event and all are to be congratulated .


On Sunday July 28th, SPLBC held the NOVICE TOURNAMENT which was won by Janice MacKenzie ( women) and Wayne Hawrysh ( men)   congratulations to you both.


IntermediateTeamAtGranvilleLBC.jpg      Stanley Park's Intermediate Team of Rob Berridge (vice), Will Hall (skip) and David Lewis (lead) took 6th place out of a competitive field of 20 at Granville Park during BC Week July 18th and 19th. A strong afternoon after a disappointing morning had them squeak into the A Division after the first day. Day Two went 2-1-1 with their only loss to the eventual winning team skipped by Paul Choi.

 We held a very successful Andy Craig event last Sunday, July 7th. 


The event was won by the Granville Park team of  Brian Jeon, Olivia Jeon, Barbara Hsieh, Ray Li .


Orange Crush(ed) and Purple Haze bring some colour to the Sunday classic.Tom Gorman / Linda Gorman / Dianne Farlinger / Rob Berridge

On Saturday June 29th , we held the Dale Hoadley women’s triples at SPLBC.  This event was won by On Kow Au, Helen Yeung, and Linda Ng   Congratulations go out to all competitors who also enjoyed a special cake ceremoniously cut by Bruce Hoadley.


Our second annual GAME OF AGES was held on Saturday June 15th .  The kitchen volunteers  put on a tasty and colourful array of snacks.  While  at the other end of the room, the bowlers gathered round to check their standings on the electronic scoreboard.

GameOfAges1st.jpg GameOfAges2nd.jpg GameOfAges3rd.jpg GameOfAges4th.jpg

We have an enthusiastic and fun group of novices bowling on Tuesday Nights this season.However, we could use a few more experienced bowlers to fill out the games. Convenor is Neil Wilson.

In general, the novices lead and the more experienced players fill out the games. You don't need to do any coaching per se but your knowledge will help the games flow as a normal draw game would.

Also, a big thank-you for those already attending on a weekly basis, your help is greatly appreciated.
So join us next Tuesday, tags at 6:45 games at 7:00, where we put the FUN back in bowling fundamentals.

Attention all bowlers who have entered DRAWS or LEAGUE GAMES. Please return ALL TAGS to the respective TAG BOARDS ( men + women) at the conclusion of your games. This will eliminate confusion for the next DRAW or LEAGUE.

Wagdy Senbel has volunteered to assist with the SATURDAY and SUNDAY afternoon DRAWS. Those bowlers who wish to participate in these DRAWS will now require ONE LOONIE to compete and there will be FIRST + SECOND PRIZES awarded. This INFORMAL DRAW LEAGUE will commence  as of June 15th


From the Coaching Manager

The Coaching Manager is Dave Griffiths (

Quiz -How well do you know the duties of the four players on a team of four? What are the duties of the skip, lead, second and third? The answer will be here next week or by the bulletin board on the frame. Find the answer on the counter by the bulletin board or in the newsletter next week. 

I  came across an interesting article on how to improve your lawn bowling delivery.  I've attached a  link here.

Bonus question who is pictured in the link??

Where to Buy Bowls?

Contacts for new bowls.

1) HENSELITE representative in BC is Vince Mai    778-868-3393



2) MVP Sports


2703 Division St. North Cobourg
K9A 4J7

Canada 1-800-265-1687


 then scroll to:-   MORE BOWLS BUY $ SELL ( George Cubiss is contact person)