From The Greens Shed

Hello everyone, it seems like it was only yesterday that we opened the greens for bowling this season and now we have to think about preparing the greens for closing.

After the first week of September our Greens Keeper will be coring and topdressing the greens with sand – this is to aerate the greens and improve drainage in preparation for seeding and also to prepare for winter. Coring and sanding also make it rather difficult and sticky to bowl – marking the end of the bowling season. He will then fertilize prior to deep-seeding on September 18th. We apply bent grass seed into the greens, about ¼ to ½ inch below the surface, using a specialized machine operated by a contractor – this provides a much higher probability of seed germination and successful root growth compared to conventional over-seeding practices. It is important to get the seed in the ground around mid-September to allow grass growth before temperatures at night dip below 10 degrees and to carefully manage irrigation during grass germination and early growth. Our objective is to continue to improve our greens with quality bent grass cover to compete with other varieties of grass present in our greens and seeding in the fall can result in better bent grass cover the following Spring.  We will repeat the process next Spring before the bowling season opens. All of this activity requires dry weather – so fingers crossed for a good weather window in September.
We will need our Greens Team Volunteers to help with coring and sanding in early September, immediately after the tournaments and league play are completed. Greens activities then continue through the fall and winter for our volunteers and Greens Keeper to maintain healthy bent grass and greens drainage during fall and winter as well as complete special projects and much-needed machine maintenance. The fun never stops!!
The Greens Team