From the Games Leader

The decision to bring the deep seeding of the greens forward this year means that we need to make changes to the bowling schedule.

The Gender-Neutral Pairs Championship, originally set for Sept 12th, has been moved forward to Saturday, August 29th. The dates for the Women’s Singles Championship and the Men’s Singles Championship remain unchanged.

We are still hoping to get some late sign-ups for the Women’s Singles Championship. We need three more to sign up by this Saturday so we can change it from 12 to 16 entrants. Email to enter, or to request to see a list of who has currently entered.

We will also need markers for this event. If you are bowling in the Men's event on the Sept 5th please consider marking for the Ladies; we will be asking the same of the Ladies when your time comes.  But even if you are not bowling in either we could still use you to mark.  Marking is easy and some instruction will be given to those that need it.
If interested please send an email to

The final round of the Singles League and the Competitive Pairs League will, unfortunately, be affected by the decision to close the greens earlier than we anticipated.

The Singles League, convened by Chris Chapman, will now play the final round of games on the evening of Monday, September 7th.

After consulting with John Sinclair, it was decided the last round of the Competitive Pairs League will be on Wednesday, September 2nd, effectively shortening the league by one week.

The last day that members can book to bowl this year will be on Labour Day, Monday, September 7th. However, there is a possibility that we could resume bowling in late September after the deep seeding has been completed, but that decision is dependent on the weather.


Graham Mason

SPLBC Games Leader