7:00 PM Friends & Family Night

Saturday nights have never been so much fun!!!

Members are allowed to bring up to 7 family members or guests and set up a game on their own rink.  Rinks are available on a first come first serve basis but if you are wanting to plan in advance please contact Chris Chapman to reserve a rink for a specific date and he will be happy to accommodate your group. 

Cost is $10.00 per non member

Please put your payment in an envelope with your name, number of guests and the date you played.  Envelopes should be dropped in the black mailbox located just inside the door of the club office. 

If you are interested in having a family BBQ before bowling please feel free to use the club BBQ's - All we ask is that you please ensure you clean up after your meal and that you supply all of your own food. 

As most guests do not have bowling experience long matts are required on all rinks.  The member hosting is responsible for setting up their own rink and returning all equipment to its proper place after their game.  If you don't have a FOB please contact John Sinclair to obtain one.  

There will not be a convener for Friends and Family Nights.  It is up to the individual members to organize their own event and to ensure their guests adhere to all the club rules. 

Friends and Family Nights are open to all bowling members of the club.  We hope you, your friends and your family enjoy your evening.  Great Bowling to all, have an awesome time!! 

July 01, 2017 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Chris Chapman · · 604-836-3811