English Bay Triples

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, 2024. First game at 9:00am 

The English Bay Triples is a CLOSED Men’s inter-club event, which means each team member must belong to the same club.   

Past Winners:  

2023: Heng Lee/Kelvin Lai/Clement Law (Richmond)

Parking Guide for Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club

Updated Feb 12, 2024. There are no FREE parking spaces near our club. Pay parking throughout Stanley Park is now $15.50 per day, so you might want to consider carpooling.There is parking and a ticket machine directly in front of our club.  FYI, you can pay at ANY of the numerous machines and park ANYWHERE in the park.

We strongly suggest entering the park via Nelson Street. When you reach the end of Nelson Street, turn RIGHT and then LEFT when you see the sign for “Pitch and Putt”. Continue on the road until you reach the junction and take a sharp left turn to our club on the route indicated on this map. If the spaces in front of the club are filled (approx 16), proceed to the Parks Board building and park there.



 Conditions of Play (SPLBC)  

  • FORMAT: We will play four 10-end games of 90 minutes duration. 
  • TRIAL ENDS: Two-up, two-back trial ends at approximately 8:45 AM and must be completed by 9:00 AM. 
  • BELL: A bell will start and end a game. No more jacks can be delivered after the final bell has sounded. Ends already underway can be completed. 
  • HEAD VISITS: Skips can visit the head just once before their last bowl.  Leads and thirds may not visit the head. 
  • JACK OUT OF BOUNDS: Re-spot the jack on the 2 metre ‘T’. 
  • SCORING: Teams will get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.  Shot differentials are capped at +10 or -10 per game.  
  • SPARES: Any spares must be pre-approved by the convener  
  • BYE. If a bye is unavoidable, the team receiving the bye will be awarded 3 points and a shot differential that is the average of all other games in that same round. 
  • STANDINGS:The following criteria will be used to break ties in the standings: (a) points scored; (b) shot differential record; (c) strength of opposition based on electronic rankings*
  • SCORE CARDS: At the completion of each game, skips to sign both score cards and the winning skip will return both signed cards to the scorekeeper. 
  • UMPIRE: No umpire will be available.  An Umpire kit is available for all to use if needed. If any disputes arise, contact the convener. 
  • FOOTWEAR & DRESS CODE: Team members should wear collared shirts of the same colour (see page 16 of the V&D Handbook). 
  • CELL PHONES: As a courtesy please turn off cell phones or put on vibrate mode. Do not hold telephone conversations during the game. 
  • PRIZES:A minimum of 60% of entry fees will go to prize money. 
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: All players must be ready to play regardless of the weather. See ‘Cancellations’ below. 

Any “no-shows” will forfeit their entry fee.  The Convener has the authority to suspend, reschedule or cancel play if adverse weather conditions are an issue.  In the event of cancellation before the game has started, entry fees will be refunded. SPLBC reserve the right to deduct club expenses in the event of cancellation. If only one game has been completed before the cancellation, entry fee money will be donated to a local charity, after club expenses have been deducted.  If two or more games have been played before cancellation, prize money will be distributed based on the results of the played games. 

 *Strength of opposition (SOO) is a way to break a tie in the final standings when points and differential are equal between two or more teams. Simply put, the team that had the toughest draw (based on the final standings of the teams you have played) will win the tie breaker. Our electronic scoreboard makes this easy to determine. SOO is established by adding up the final placement standings of your four opponents and the lower the total, the stronger the opposition. For example, TEAM 'A' and TEAM 'B' finished with identical points and differential. However, TEAM 'A' played against teams that finished 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th in the final standings, so their 'SOO' would add up to  ‘26’. TEAM 'B' played against teams that ended up in 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd place (their SOO would add up to ‘86’) so TEAM 'A' clearly had a tougher draw and fully deserve to win the tiebreaker decision. Remember, the lower SOO number wins the tiebreaker. If our electronic scoreboard is not in use, prize money will be shared between the teams involved.