COVID Protocols Update.

With the recent easing of restrictions, we are now in a position to offer more opportunities to bowl for both returning members and new members.

Please note: Current protocols are to remain in place until next Thursday,  June 3rd.


Starting June 3rd, we will increase the number of available rinks from 4 per green to 6 per green for a total of 12 rinks per session. We have added double headers to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We are also adding four rinks of triples on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (Novice Leagues), and the Blue Heron League (Thursday evening)

In addition, there are opportunites for singles (two people per rink) and solo practice for anyone who wants to hone their skills on their own.



Although not mandated by Bowls BC, all bookings must still be done through the Skedda system until further notice. Staggered start times will remain for now as we feel it is the best way to avoid congestion and allow us to accommodate more bowlers in a safe fashion.


Monitors will be phased out, so the onus for safety will be in the hands of each individual.

There are no physical distancing rules on or off the greens when you are outside. However, please respect other people’s comfort level with this new ruling.

Masks are optional when outside but must be worn when in the clubhouse or equipment shed. Two people at a time can be in the locker rooms, but washrooms are still limited to one person at a time.

We will provide more details as we transition into the next phase.



Starting June 3rd, we are making the following changes:

No more blue dots or blue mats! The ‘T’ will revert to the standard 2 metre mark and we can use the regular rubber mats again. However, we recommend that you place the mat further up from the minimum 2 metres so we still have space to physically distance and help preserve the greens at the same time.

One jack per rink. Jacks can be shared now. We recommend that bowlers sanitize their hands frequently when handling the jack.

Rakes are now shared and because we have more rinks open and a limited number of rakes, bowlers may need to share the rakes with adjacent rinks.  We recommend that bowlers assigned to raking duties sanitize their hands frequently.

Please continue to sanitize rakes, jacks and club bowls after you’ve finished your game. Caddies will still be utilized.



For the new members of our club, we recommend that you attend the Tuesday evening Novice league and the Wednesday evening Novice open pairs (and triples) so that you can become comfortable with lawn bowling etiquette and continue to develop your skills. We will have experienced bowlers there with you to help and to answer any questions you may have.

Of course, as a new member you are free to sign up for any of the available sessions. Don’t be shy about signing up in the lead position alongside a name you don’t recognize. Everyone will make you feel welcome and will be there to help you. We’ve all been a novice at some point! 

As the covid restrictions ease, more and more social opportunities will happen. On Thursday evening, the Blue Heron League has many theme nights planned (disco music night, wig night, funny hat night etc) and is very popular with the LGBTQ members, although EVERYONE is welcome.

On Friday night we have Cutthroat Triples, which is a fun and different bowling format that involves three bowlers playing against each other ($2 winner-take-all wager is optional!).

Remember, these changes don’t come into effect until Thursday.


So stay tuned, have fun, and as we say before every game, “Good Bowling”.


- Graham Mason, SPLBC Games Leader - on behalf of the Back to Bowling Committee