7:00 PM Club Aggregate

•The aggregate is a tournament league where the participants are drawn onto different teams each week, and players receive the points accumulated by their team. At the end of the tournament the player with the most points wins.

•Cost is 50 cents a night, all proceeds given out as prizes on Awards Day. We generally play triples, but make adjustments to allow all attendees to participate. Games are 12 ends.

•There is no need to join the tournament, there is no sign up sheet. Anyone having a free Monday night is welcome to joins us for a game.

•Players receive 4 game points if their team wins…2 game points for a tie, and 1 game point for a loss.

•Last year Bowls Canada implemented a ruling that in competitions Wins were worth 3 points and Ties worth 1 point. The extra point we give out to each player is for participation.

•Total points scored by your team are also credited to each player…if the game score was 10  to 7 the winning players would each get 10 score points and the losing player would get 7 score points.

•Game points determine who is winning, score points are used to break ties

We generally have two tournaments each year – 6 to 8 rounds each…determined by how many weeks we lose due to weather and special events.

One or two weeks are dropped from each player’s score so you can still win if you need to miss a night or two.

August 28, 2017 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Albert Nieuwold