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Despite some rain, SPLBC had a terrific opening week. 

We had over 100 bowlers participate and with the changes, we are making that will be up to 200 in week two. In a traditional year, we get around 250 bowlers per week.

The graphic below shows the bowling calendar going forward. (please note it does not come into effect until July 2nd).

Highlights include:

Pairs Bowling   (4 per bowlers per rink ) will begin on Canada Day.

 The Blue Heron  (non) League starts on  Thursday, July 2nd

The Shady Ladies Short Mat  (non) League will begin the following week on July 7th

Regular reservations will be required for both these (non) leagues.

The skill ratings on the calendar are guidelines for people who are looking for an opponent during these time slots. If you and your group take the entire rink it can be any skill level at any time.

With the increase to 4 bowlers per rink at certain times we have been able to reduce the number of morning and evening sessions. Our survey showed that afternoon bowling would be twice as popular as the other times. It turned out that afternoons were more than 5 times more popular than both mornings and evenings. The schedule will continue to be tweaked until we find the correct balance. However, we are very conscious that many of our members are still working and the evening sessions are their only option.

Please refer to the website which has all the document videos and links you need to start bowling this year.

Finally, a big thanks to our hard-working monitors without them there would be no bowling this year, literally.

The two absolute guidelines we must follow, in addition to the safety protocols, are  monitors and reservations.


Bowling Calendar