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Important message from the Board regarding the 2020 season.

No New Memberships will be accepted for the 2020 season.

SPLBC will waive membership fees for all current members (bowling and social) for the 2020 season and all current memberships will be extended until April 30, 2021. 

We are planning on starting Phase 1 of the bowling club re-opening on Saturday, June 20.  This is very exciting, but we must be careful and diligent in following the safety procedures.   Keep in mind the club could be reclosed quickly if conditions worsen.  Only sign up if you are feeling well and are comfortable with the new processes. And thanks to our wonderful greens team for the playable surface.

There are three documents that need be reviewed by all bowlers and all others that will be using the grounds this summer. It is highly recommended you download, read and sign these documents in advance of your first bowling session. Links to all the document are provided below :

Document #1 -The Medical Questionnaire

This document needs to completed and signed each time before you enter the grounds. The document will be given to the gate monitor as a condition of your entry. Make sure to print off a few, as you will need a different one for each visit to the club. Besides being a requirement of the Province and Bowls B.C., we hope it will give you pause before visiting the club to seriously consider your health status on that day.

You may download the document  below:
Medical Questionnaire


Document #2 - Acknowledgement Form

This form confirms you have read,  understand and will abide by the SPLBC Safe Play Guidelines. This form only needs to completed once and submitted to the entry monitor upon your first visit to the club as a condition of entry. Make sure to download, read and sign it before arriving at the club for your first bowling session.

You can download the form below:
The Acknowledgement Form

For those of you unable to print the document it is strongly recommended you ask one of your fellow bowlers to assist you with this. As a last resort, some hard copies will available at the entry desk from the monitor.

Document #3 -  The Assumption of Risk Waiver

This form only needs to be completed once and submitted to the entry monitor upon your first visit to the club as a condition of entry.

You can download the form below:

SPLBC  Rink Reservation System

Before you can make a reservation you must sign up for the rink reservation system.  You will need an invitation to open your account. That invitation can be generated by clicking a link below. There are also links to a video on registering/signing up, a video on "How to book a rink" as well as a "How to Book" document.

Get your invitation to open your account - Invitation to Sign Up

Video on how to register for the booking site.


Booking document - Booking Reservation Document


Video on how to book a reservation.


Financial Position of SPLBC, Donations requested

Although we have gone through our club plans and budget (huge thanks to George and the Greens Team) and pared everything possible, there are still many unavoidable costs.  Principal cost is the continued maintenance of the greens.  Without membership fees and our large corporate event revenue, we are looking at emptying all reserves and hitting a negative cash position before next spring.  (link to cash projections).  We also need to account for unforeseen expenses in the clubhouse due to age or vandalism.

 Therefore, we are asking members and others for help in the form of donations (tax-deductible).  The suggested amount is $180 per bowler, which represents the 2020 membership dues less association fees and GST.  There is a suggested amount of $45 for social members. Not a current member? If you are interested in supporting this historic West End space and our century old affiliation with Stanley Park, please give what you can. The Park Board has been very helpful and has already created an online donation link for us and other clubs.  The link is here: https://donate.vancouver.ca/SPLBC and will be available on our website.  Funds flow through the Park Board, where tax receipts are generated automatically and individual donors’ names and amounts will be kept confidential.


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Our club is located in Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park, just inside the Beach Avenue entrance and adjacent to the tennis courts. The SPLBC features two greens with a total of sixteen rinks: Plenty of room to enjoy the sport and relax. Our clubhouse is first-rate, and the view of English Bay is unsurpassed.