A message from the President

Volunteer Recognition - Part 1 (Social Events). 

We’re still basking in the glow of the Awards’ Day event, which ceremoniously marks the end of the 2019 bowling season.

Thanks go out to all the volunteers who helped with their time, talent and resources. This event combines socializing and recognizing the many bowlers who performed well during the season. It was a fine event.

This week I would like to acknowledge all the volunteers who contributed to the variety of social events that make our club special and unique. We began the season with the Golden Bowl, then moved to Victoria Day and Canada Day. The summer continued with BC Day and wound down with Labour Day. Long weekends at SPLBC are abuzz with bowling and socializing. It’s during the social events where we get to know each other better and can share stories of our lives outside of the club. Thank you to all the volunteers who made us smile and laugh as we ate, drank and talked together.

Next Year: 
We all know that our club is successful because of the volunteers. We will be looking for someone to be the Social Events Team Leader for 2020 who will coordinate the work of six Convenors, one for each of the events listed above. The Team Leader will oversee and support the teams that host each event. Dianne Farlinger will be stepping down after several years and we thank her for her time and dedication. If you would like to know more, Dianne will be pleased to chat with you.