2021 Monday Night Singles Rotation

Due to the Covid restrictions, we will not have our regular singles league this year but instead, we will be offering practice time for players wishing to practice their singles game.

Open to 16 people – Sign up for practice rotation starts on Monday, May 10th at 6:30 PM.  To sign up email Chris Chapman at [email protected]  - Sign up requests received before 6:30 PM on May 10th will not be accepted.

Monday night singles rotation will start on Monday, May 24th and run every Monday for 7 weeks.

We will break the bowlers into two groups called A and B with each group having 8 bowlers

A schedule will be done up to allow you the opportunity to practice with all the other 7 players in your group. 

Due to Bowls BC’s restrictions, we will not be collecting scores at the end of your practice sessions but if you wish to keep score there will be Set Scorecards available at check-in.  

During the practice, it is suggested that you play a game of two 9-end sets, with a 3-end tiebreaker to determine the winner if each player wins one set.

This 2-set system of playing will give you more practice time as you are guaranteed to play 18 ends. In this system, sets can end tied.

For those who have not played sets in the past, I have outlined how the scoring normally works below. This is for information purposes only as we will not be tallying the scores until the current restrictions are lifted and we can offer leagues again. 

The game-winner is awarded 3 points. The winner of the game is the player that 1) wins both sets or 2) wins one set and ties one set, or 3) wins the tiebreaker. The loser gets 0 points. 

In the 8 player standings, if point totals are tied the first tiebreaker is based on the total number of sets each player won. 0.5 points are given to each player of a tied set. 

The second tiebreaker is based on your differential. You add the differential from the two sets together (don’t include the differential from the tiebreaker) This means it is possible to have a negative differential even though you got the 3 points for the overall win. 

Again, this is for information purposes only as we will not be tallying people’s scores until restrictions are lifted.