2019 Membership Renewals

Just a reminder that the May 15, 2019, due date for membership renewals is fast approaching.  This could be another exciting season and you don't want to miss it.

We are required to file our membership numbers with Bowls BC and the V&D very soon.  The 2019 season starts officially on May 4th at our Open House.   

Looking forward to your renewal! 
All members who are in possession of a FOB (bowlers only) if you have not renewed your Membership, your Fob will be cancelled as of June 1st.

I will have 2019 Membership Forms to fill out at April 14th SAGM.  You may also fill out on our website for those of your wish to pay online at www.splbc.com.
(PayPal and e-Transfer) can be used. 

You may also mail in your completed form with cheque only (no cash please) to: 

Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club
Attn: Membership Manager 
2099 Beach Avenue, Vancouver BC V6G 1Z4